Maithili Jha aka Maithil.e upcoming teenage influencer.

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Maithili Jha know with her Instagram username Maithil.e


Maithili was born on 11/09/2003. Education yet not completed. She is going with her studies of Humanities class 11.


Social Media Journey

Maithili started her journey from instagram 3 years back straight in the beginning of 2018, at that time She was just a normal user like all the 9th class children use social media. But, 6 months ago when the new update of instagram i.e "Reel" feature was launched. Maithili decided to make video on funny, dance, and relatable content and one day one of her video crossed Million+ views and 150k+ likes which was a changed her life. Currently 5+ videos has beeten the mark of 1 M+ views. From there then Maithili didn't stopped and continued.


​Mathili wants to become a famous influencer.

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