Ritu Gupta aka Ritu's dance studio famous Dance choreographer

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Ritu Gupta famous is Dance choreographer with her youtube channel Ritu's dance studio


Ritu was born on 12th November. She is an Interior designer as well as YouTuber.


Social Media Journey

Ritu started her career in dance many years ago. She uploaded her first video 26 Jul 2012. As Ritu started her social media career earlier, in the starting stage. she was not getting much views due to having less user on Youtube in year 2012, but that doesn't affect Ritu. She constantly uploading videos on YouTube. Ritu was knowing the potential of social media. As the internet boom arrived in India. One of her video "CHITTIYAN KALAIYAN choreography" break all the records and crossed 3 Million+ views.

After that Ritu never looked back. more than 10 videos has crossed the mark of 5 Million+ views.

Highest views on her video is 29 Million. Currently Ritu's YouTube channel is having 1.61 Million subscribers. Ritu is not just limited to YouTube she is also having 73k+ followers and and continued.

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