Siddhartha Goswami aka siddharth.arts famous sketch artist.

Updated: Jan 3

Siddhartha Goswami is a famous sketch artist with his Instagram username siddharth.arts.


Siddhartha was born in a middle class family in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Currently he is 23 years old.


Social Media Journey

Since school time, Siddhartha was attracted towards art. Being a CBSE student we have to do many project works related to drawing on subjects like Bio, social science, etc. Siddhartha used to do his project works and help his friends too. They appreciated his work from childhood now, That always motivated him.

Siddhartha was a B. Sc student, but he knew his interest in art, now growing up, he decided to take this interest as his profession. And Siddhartha is very happy with his decision. It is like a therapy for him. Whenever he is doing sketches, Siddhartha forgets all his problems for that type of periods.

Patience and hard work are the two most important things in Siddhartha journey. Initially, when he started sketching it was very difficult for him to keep motivated as many people criticized Siddhartha, that was not very good, but he stayed patient and keep doing his work without thinking much.

Siddhartha learned a lot from YouTube videos and Instagram. He took all the tips and tricks that was useful. And being a part of this profession for 4 years, Siddhartha learned a lot more from his experience. He always tries to correct his mistakes.


The love and appreciation Siddhartha received from all over the world is the greatest achievement.

Many actors and actresses appreciated his for making their sketches. They loved it that made him happy.

Many growing artists made his sketches and took him as their inspiration that motivates Siddhartha a lot. It really means a lot to him.

Social Media Profile

YouTube - Sid Arts

Instagram - siddharth.arts